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The Pre - Primary Curriculum
There are six areas of Learning in the Pre-Primary Curriculum.

The staff in the Pre - Primary understands the importance of play as the principal mode of learning. When planning the curriculum diverse opportunities are provided to promote optimum learning potential of each child.

The Primary Curriculum
Areas of learning are :-

Extra Curricular Activities

Eco Club (Incharge : Ms. Nirmla Thakur)
Our school has great contribution to protect environment by doing plantation, organizing quiz contests, painting and declamations based on environment.
Sports Club (Incharge : Mrs. Alka Sharma)
Physical Development is an integral part of the school curriculum. The school strongly promotes health, fitness and sportsmanship by encouraging team games and individual sporting prowess. Yoga has been made a regular part of the school curriculum.
Reading Club (Incharge : Mrs. Monika Sen)
Joint class reading and separate reading are given due regard. The students are introduced to the world of classic English Literature from the very start. A regular Library period has been allotted to each class.